Welcome to the Journalistic Expressions blog. The place where any and everything can be and will be discussed. All comments, discussions and likes (or dislikes) are welcome.

This blog is hosted by Crystal L Burks. You can reach me at my personal email: writerclynette@gmail.com or on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/burkscry.
My twitter page is http://www.twitter.com/gotti245 and my phone number is unavailable for public comsumption.

Out of the minds of writers….

I am a Generation X’er or maybe I’m a millennial… there’s no definitive answer for this. Maybe, I’m a hybrid. Whatever generation you credit with being blessed with my presence, I have a passion for writing. I have been inspired by some of the top writers, poetic geniuses and brilliant wordists. I blog my opinion by day, work on writing poetry and my newest short stories series by night.

I have written 17 newspaper articles, all of which have been published in various papers throughout Michigan and in the South bend Tribune. I also wrote a profile piece on an incoming professor at Southern Polytechnic State University, in Georgia. I attempt to maintain this blog, of course I fall short. I also have a webpage on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/writerclynette) that I use as my public forum/writer alias.

I also have a writer’s webpage (http://burkscry.wixsite.com/clynette) which will be hosting/keeping up with my progress on my upcoming short story/novel “Ebony Articles”. I look forward to people coming by and visiting and sharing my thoughts, visions and some poetry with you.

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