Natural Reactions

Richard Sherman is not: a gangster, a thug, classless, tasteless, unintelligent and/or threatening by any means. Richard Sherman is: a graduate of Stanford University, a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated, a black man, articulate, hype and a football player.

We only get one side of the story from white media and that is white media’s perspective. Instead of doing the research to see what really happened or was going on, they went of off the first thing they presumably seen: “Angry Black Man.” And what did he really do that was wrong? He didn’t cuss, he didn’t call anyone out of their name, he didn’t become or get physical… the ONLY thing you saw him do was scare a reporter; who happened to be a white woman.

Let’s examine what truly happened.

Crabtree and Sherman have history. The two obviously know each other outside of their respective game played this past Sunday. It may have started off as a misunderstanding at a Larry Fitzgerald charity event, but what was clear as day were the comments Crabtree made before the NFC Championship game. It was at that point that Sherman had to have said to himself, I’m going to embarrass this man. And he did.

Crabtree knows it as well.

We all saw the last play for the 49ers. (In my fantasy football voice.) HE SHUT YOU DOWN!!!!! Thus, Crabtree put his hands on the facemask of Sherman and pushed.

Now comes the infamous post-game interview with Erin Andrews. Richard was HYPE, that was all I saw. It appeared to viewers that Erin was a scared white woman. But she clearly says, “I was thinking, here we go, here’s one other thing for the critics,” she said. “My face when I was listening to him wasn’t, ‘I’m freaking out, or I’m scared, or I’m frightened.’ It was, ‘OK, I’ve got to ask a follow-up question, and it better be on point or I’m going to get crucified.’ This is my moment to show people I know how to handle it.”. (Newsday Article By Neil Best

What does this tell you people? She wasn’t afraid but the rest of the world was afraid for her. She stated something in the article I noted, that my son’s father said. We expect these men to play with intensity, like animals for 60+ minutes and then turn around and forget they just made a game saving play and return to normalcy in two minutes. But that’s not what the “media” saw. They saw a damsel and an angry black man. The results? Richard Sherman apologizing.

Let me put it into perspective for you. Chandler Harnish of the Indianapolis Colts was throwing balls in a pregame warm up; white backup quarterback, who probably was not going to play anyway but hey. Pam Oliver was on the sideline, LIVE, reporting; black female sports analyst. Harnish throws a football that directly hits Oliver in the face, leaving her concussed. Results? You heard about it once and never again. Can we report fairly? He threw a ball at her that had no business being in her direction. It wasn’t like she was on the field, she was on the sideline. Harnish was on the field………. I’m just saying. He says the pass “went wide” on him… your a quarterback, your aim should be priority or maybe you should pick a different position, profession, etc.

In a nutshell, my perspective is simple. For football: let’s be real. The 49ers have the same sore-loser spirit that Jim Harbaugh has. No disrespect coach, you’re a Michigan boy. They all suck at losing. 🙂 If you want a game where people are calm and never get excited after a win, turn the sport into golf, tennis, etc. (Well not tennis, we all remember McElroe.) For media: REPORT FAIRLY. It is your duty. If this were a black reporter and a white corner would this be the same big story. Bloggers: do you research and make informed opinions. And lastly Richard Sherman: DO YOU and don’t change for them. Most of those “unintelligent, classless, ignorant, trashy, thug” comments came from people who (if we combined their incomes together) will never amount to the education, service and quality background you have and came from.

I applaud you and wish you all the best. Let the discussion commence. What do you all think? Is this a race issue? Was he over the top?


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