Minimum Wage Bites

I don’t care who you are, where you are or what you are. Minimum wage, aka $7.25/hour, will not suffice in paying anyone’s bills or helping anyone survive. It is virtually impossible.

How do I know? You are looking at an underpaid, overworked and underappreciated employee.

I work part time hours, meaning less than 15 in my case, at said rate. I am expected to pay my rent, my gas, my electricity and provide for my child based on 10 hours a week, being paid every two weeks. In what realm do these people believe that will suffice?

Sure someone will say “get a second job.” Some will even say “get a better job.” You know if it were that easy, this wouldn’t be an issue for so many people. Unlike some of these minimum wage workers, some people also are paying off students loans from going to colleges and trying to better their education so that they could/can get alleged better job.

Class of 2014 – DO NOT BE LIED TO. When you graduate, there are only two things that are guaranteed you: Death and/or Taxes. Your dream job is not going to be handed to you and in some cases may never be achieved. You may come across difficult times in your life, God forbid, and not have a shoulder to lean on. And, as the Bible states, woe unto those who have children in these last and evil days, because trust it gets no better.

If you do not already have, now is the time to network. It’s not what you know. It’s WHO you know.

Back to the topic at hand. I cannot afford healthcare and I’m injured at work. So I have to work injured in a place that injured me and won’t provide care for me nor do they pay me enough to get care. Stress is not even close to the word. But I been here before. Yet, I was a child and didn’t have such worries as survival and i had a great support system. When you grow up you learn the truth…. kiss butt or get out.

Minimum wage workers, I know what you are going through, please believe me. I know these people come in yelling, screaming, complaining and huffing and puffing. I know you are asked or told to do things that are not in your job description nor do you get paid to do them. I know that even as a valued employee you don’t receive any discounts on products you help make, bring in… nor do you receive a bonus. And if you’re lucky, ONCE you get promoted, you’ll get a $1.75 pay raise.

But keep smiling, stay hopeful, and pray. Liek Sam Cooke said, “a change gone come.”


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