Minimum Wage Bites (Pt. 2)

So earlier we were talking about survival. The war on minimum wage workers continues to wage. While this is happening, the rich continue to get richer.

The downfalls of being a minimum wage worker include: no benefits, not being able to make over 30 hours (and minimum wage is really anything under 35 scheduled hours not not including breaks) and having to fight for what little hours you get. But let me give you a kicker.

Due to a signed confidentiality agreement, I am unable to name the company but I can get as close as I can without being fired. There’s a company in Central Indiana that owns a several pizza joints in the area, and one other restaurant, that is not allowing either franchise to let their employees who are NON-management get over 30 hours of work. If they do that, they have to provide health benefits. They are also not paying anyone more than minimum wage and, for the pizza place at least, have raised the cost of some products this year.

Said company isn’t dishing out any more hours, wants labor low, better quality and non full time employees. Apparently the company is broke/broken or on the verge of just breaking even; so it would seem. Well then, having said that, can anyone explain to me how it is even POSSIBLE that this company would then be able to explore other restaurants and open them this year… if they can “barely” afford food costs or employee payment for the stores they currently operate?

Shady business. You be the judge.


2 thoughts on “Minimum Wage Bites (Pt. 2)

  1. You make very good points. If the law makers and wage setters tried to live on minimum wage, without benefits, only then there would be change.

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