Lonnie Johnson and the SuperSoaker

Today we will talk about the man that became an even richer man in November.

Lonnie Johnson, creator/inventor of the Super Soaker, successfully (after 25 years i guess it’s successfully) sued and own for the use of the term and toy. He scored a whopping $72.9 million dollars from Hasbro. Just Got Paid

But he was already doing good on his own without this invention. He is officially the first black man I have highlighted for black history month. Allow me to introduce this man to you.

Lonnie G. Johnson is an inventor and holds a double BS (Bachelor of Science) from Tuskegee University in Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering. We also call that genius!

He had his own engineering firm which created the super soaker. The money he gained from this invention he invested back into his energy technology companies and continued to grow his wealth.

Super Soaker was given to a company that was taken over by Hasbro. It was alleged, an apparently confirmed, that Hasbro underpaid royalties to Johnson and his company between the years of 2007 and 2012; for a product line (nerf and the ss) that has been grossing well over the billion mark. This isn’t the first violation.

Continue to read about him and his problems with Hasbro. they had the never to steal a technology that he created and use it for similar looking products. Thank God for patents đŸ™‚

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