I missed Yesterday’s edition

Since I missed yesterday’s edition of my supposed to be daily Black History Month lesson, I will be providing you with a list of people you should investigate, learn about and all of their accomplishments.

Blanche Calloway – first female to lead an all male orchestra, also had her own all female orchestra. She has a famous brother.

Jarena Lee – the first African Methodist Episcopal preacher.

Mary Fields – Former Tennessean slave, left once she was granted freedom she moved to Montana. There she became a postal carrier for the rural area and delivered in all weather and conditions. She was a gun-slinging, heavy drinking, hardcore woman.

Mamie Clark – By now most of us have seen the video where two dolls are sat in front of black children, one black and one white, to see which one the kids identify as good or bad. This is called the Black Doll Experiment. She is the co-creator.

Belva Davis – first on-air black female journalist on the west coast.

Surya Bonaly – A black figure skater with some accomplishments that make the “better” known skaters.

Please read up on these women!

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