Three Fifths

Just as a side not, not all of us were brought here by ships. Some of us are indigenous to these lands. As a matter of fact, our color is the dominant color. Black people can produce white/colorless beings. White people cannot produce colored beings. If you don’t believe me about our color being dominate, look at the NATIVES of all the lands.

Africa- which means that EGYPTIANS were black. Not only do we know this based on bones, look at their paintings.

Australia – the aboriginal people are our color.

China – yes, there are dark skinned Asians. And I am not speaking just about Filipino or Taiwanese people. Historically, Ghengis Khan was our color. WE have similar features.

But I digress. We are the only people, “colored” Americans, who do not have our own culture. Our culture is made up of everyone else’s languages. Our history was oral and not recorded; often through fault of our own. However, our history has been taught to others on a very limited basis. That is, whatever the oppressors have taught is what has been considered truth. It is time for us to teach our youth about our history.

Too many times have I seen stories about our young black men being unjustly murdered. We have been too silent for too long. WAKE UP BLACK FOLK! We are no longer three fifths a person. For those who aren’t good at math; that’s every 5 of us equals three persons.

We are smart and we come in a variety. We’re tall, short, fat, skinned, big, small, smart, no so smart, dark, light, medium, round eyes, slanted eyes, long hair, short hair, bald, weak, strong, wise, not so wise, gifted, talented, God-Fearing, rich, poor…. whatever we are, we are all we got.

Watch Fruitvale Station (set in LA); 12 Years a Slave (set in northeast US and south US); Read Roots, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, the Miseducation of the Negro; learn about Marcus Garvey, Jack Johnson, Wallie Fard and Moorish people. EDUCATE!

I will be back with more little known significant black folks; because one small step is all that is ever needed.

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