Jordan Davis

Today Jordan Davis would have been 19 years old. He was killed in 2012 by a man who was “in fear of his life.”

Davis had been in a red SUV with three of his friends at a gas station. They were bumping their music. It obviously bothered another patron at the gas station. His name is Michael Dunn. Dunn got OUT of his car and approached the SUV. Some words were exchanged over the volume of their music. Dunn claims the kids brandished a gun.

Instead of leaving the gas station. He goes back to his vehicle, grabs his shotgun, and unloads 9 (a clip) rounds into the SUV, killing Jordan Davis.

He (Dunn) was found guilty of three counts of attempted murder and one count of shooting a firearm. But the jury of 4 white women, 4 white men, 1 Asian woman, 2 black women and 1 Hispanic man couldn’t come to a consensus on whether he was guilty of first degree murder.

Whether we agree or disagree on the evidence. Whether we give this man a pass for DRIVING 175 miles back home and not calling the police after the shooting, whether we agree that their music was obnoxious or too loud.. one thing we can all agree on is… he could have driven away as he did AFTER the shooting.

R.I.P Jordan Davis.

The reason I posted this as my BHM moment is because, sadly, this is part of our history. All too often are our black children killed. All you have to do is look at history. Lynched for looking, whistling, talking to a white woman. No one remembers them and let’s them fade in the dark. We will not forget them anymore.

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