Arthur Ashe

I was a little facetious when I said in school we only learned about a handful of black people in our history. There were quite a few, but their significance, in comparison to our white counterparts, was not equal. We learned about surface blacks. That is, we learned about the ones they couldn’t hide, or erase, or the ones who made minor achievements.

Not diminishing what was achieved but let me be clear; I’m proud of sporting achievements. But I find more pride in educational, scientific and philosophical ones.

Having said that, I cannot deny Arthur Ashe. He was around shortly before Magic was discovered to have HIV. One died, one survived.

Arthur Ashe was a great black tennis player. He was the first black named to the US Davis Cup team, and the first to win at Wimbledon, the US Open and the Australian Open…

He retired from the sport in 1980. In 1992, he announced that he had HIV/AIDs; which was said to be contracted through a blood transfusion.

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