Tulsa, Oklahoma: early 1900s

Y’all are probably well aware of black cities and communities that thrive. Some of them aren’t doing so well.

But what about the Black Wall Street? The first black city to thrive off of giving back to its own community. They had their own banks, stores and thrived independent of the white people on the other side of Tulsa. But they couldn’t have uppity Negroes doing good. That would have uplifted all of them.

So they destroyed it. Burned houses, loitered businesses and even more heinous than the aforementioned… airstrikes and bombings were sanctioned against them by the U.S.

They all but destroyed the city. But perseverance allowed some to remain and try to rebuild. Listen to the Gap Band… Charlie Wilson and them gave you a history lesson when they sang “you dropped a bomb on me.”



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