My King by C. Burks

Something a little different. Just read and enjoy.


My King, your dreams should be reality,
Stop hesitating and debating
On whether or not things should be.
Before we both end up in unexpected places,
with other unacceptable faces
All because we never left first name basis.

Go getter, broken down means go get her.


Instead of feeling down or filled with mediocrity,
of inconsistent feelings of inadequacy.
Instead of trying to be perfect when we meet,
Be gloriously imperfect, as God intended us to be.

Queens builds kings, uplift and give life.
Kings protect queens, defend and make life.
Why wouldn’t you be, just enough for me?
What pheasant have you messed with,
That has you emotionally desecrated?
When a queen meets a king nothing can separate the two.

So in closing, I’m saying. “I’m waiting on you.”


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