Pro life v. Pro Choice

I am about to get very personal with you all. This post was inspired by an episode of Law & Order: SVU. To sum up the episode, a young girl (16) wanted to have an abortion, partly because she was scared of her father, the other because she was scared period. She tried to abort the child, but the doctor lied and told her she had a fever and needed to come back when she was healthy. This was an abortion clinic. He had her delayed until it was too late for her to abort the child. The girl arranged for her boyfriend to beat her up until she miscarried.

Long story short, the doctor said he saved an innocent life. But he ended up getting arrested.

I am pro-choice. That doesn’t mean that I believe abortions are a form of birth control. No. Abortion is a permanent solution to one pregnancy. That means, I do not believe YOU, I or the government should be able to tell a woman what she should or shouldn’t do with her body. That means, if a woman is raped, I would not point at her and tell her she has to carry for 9 months, go through with the birthing process and live with the evidence of victimization.

Having said that, I had a choice, almost three years ago. I was in a very bad situation. Homeless, with someone who told em all the time they didn’t want me, in a city with no family, friends or help and to top it off, I had no job. I found myself pregnant. And I was afraid and scared. I didn’t want to abort the child, but how was I going to take care of a child and I could ill afford to take care of my own self.

I went to an abortion clinic and found I was too far for them. I went to another one, but some circumstances, made me turn away last minute. I planned to go to Ohio and have one, and leave the man behind as well, but I literally lost everything with my identity attached to it. Then one day, at church, I told myself EFF IT. I’m going to have this abortion. And I promise, as clear as day, a voice said to me “Or else.” I didn’t have one, and here I am two and a half years later a little better off and with the exact replica of me, in male form.

I love my son, and I would prefer for all women to give their offspring up for adoption. But if a woman wants an abortion, let her do it. I am not going to applaud her, but I’m not going to berate her. We all sin, who am I to point the finger just because I sin differently. Making abortion illegal, making birth control pills unaffordable/harder to receive, forcing a woman into a corner is not the answer to curb whatever agenda anyone has. Education is first. Conversation is second. The rest is up to that woman and her God.

I’m not a feminist, I’m just an equal opportunity believer. Having said all of that, LADIES… if you don’t want kids, or the headache attached to a baby daddy and his idiot family… do what you gotta do and/or have this man WRAP IT UP. Our children didn’t choose to be here….


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