The Haves v The Have Nots Pt. 3: Economics 101

The second set of links I posted represented the system of oppression and how money can solve all of our problems.

The Du Pont heir was charged and found guilty of rape; of his three year old daughter no less. He was convicted. His punishment? No jail or prison time. According to the judge, the Delaware native would not fare well behind bars. *insert blank stare here*

An Arizona woman, who has two kids and is homeless, leaves her two kids in the car while she goes to a job interview. She arrested and thrown in jail. Since then, donations have poured in to help the woman from across the country.

What did we just learn? If you have money, you can stay out of jail. If you don’t have money… go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

It’s craziness….


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