Haves v Have Nots Pt 3 Cont’d.

Let me continue.

The point in our judicial system is NOT supposed to be for the criminals, it’s supposed to be for the corrective action of those needing rehabilitation. You are not supposed to “Fare well” in prison; especially if you committed a crime.

But unfortunately, this system was designed to punish those who are trying to do better by forcing them to stay in their situation. The Government needs the oppressed to stay oppressed, not attempt to become one of the “haves.” Why else would a woman trying to better her life be punished and not given a “slap on the wrist” versus the man who took the innocence of his child? MONEY.

We need to realize that the game has changed. It truly is no longer about race, ethnicity and/or gender, creed, etc. This is about if you have money or not. And when I say money, I don’t mean Shaq. I mean the man that pays Shaq. I don’t mean your favorite rapper, I mean the man that pays your favorite rapper. The CEOs of utility companies and the boards. But I digress.

When you want to stop using TANF, Food Stamps/SNAP, Medicaid, when you want to be financially dependent, they find a way to suck you back in…. Pt. 4 will be later tonight as a conclusion to summarize the last posts.


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