Haves vs Havenots pt 4: Conclusion

The system that has been in place was designed for those who consistently fail, to continue to fail. For those who are trying to get up and get out, to continue to stay down. For those who are rich and prosperous, to remain rich and prosperous.

The new face of food stamps, people who are working full time hours, but do not make over 2000 a month (which is the poverty line per month.). I had a former co-worker who was working two jobs, had one kid and she got $436 in food stamps. What does that tell you? (Her rent was like $425 and she had utility bills to pay as well.)

Only the rich can afford the defenses to get them off of cases that (let’s be honest) they’d be found guilty of otherwise. Meanwhile, the poor (or indigent) are forced to use court appointed attorneys (public defenders.) So where one man can rape his daughter and get no jail time, two minors can be under the influence of illegal substances and endanger the lives of or kill people and get probation…. the others get arrested, jailed, charged, have their children taken with a chance of not getting them back for circumstances of trying to better themselves.

And I have an update. The boy with the Affluenza case in TX – he is in rehab. His parents do not have to foot the entire bill. The boy in Detroit, has been allowed back in school to finish his senior year. The boy who stabbed a bunch of people in Philly – his fate is yet to be decided.


One thought on “Haves vs Havenots pt 4: Conclusion

  1. Thanks for your insight. The situation is the same in Canada. ~ Dennis

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