No Place For Racism Here

It is 2014. We are in the heart of a race war. I’ve attempted to stay away from this subject and remain a fair distance away from it. But it keeps coming back with a vengeance. We all know it exists, well not all of us will acknowledge it. Some of you suffer from the “Sunshine” syndrome. (Go watch Remember The Titans.)

By now EVERYONE has read or heard about Don Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, and his alleged racist statements made via audio tape. He denies that he said it, claims the woman who released it has embezzled him and his family out of 1.8 million and they have a lawsuit against her. Ready for the other information? The comments come after the woman allegedly (I say allegedly because the photo is no longer there) posted a picture of herself and Magic Johnson. She is half black and latino. She “apologizes” for her color *pause*

Who the hell apologizes for being of color? I’ll get back to this in a second.

Oh and by the way, she is his girlfriend. Did I mention he is married as well?

1. She didn’t embezzle you homey. You were TRICKING.
2. Why do you have a girlfriend and you’re married? PLEASE old men and women (hell young men and women), keep your vows or DO NOT GET MARRIED..
3. Who apologizes for being of color? He didn’t apologize for being old, wrinkled and racist.

So the NBA responded. Magic, Charles, Shaw, Kenny, Chris Paul, Clippers players, Lebron… you knwo who didn’t say anything? Michael Jordan. (He is a majority owner for the Bobcats and it is his responsibility as a co-worker to address any hostile environments the workplace NOW has. unless he thinks he’s not black.)

Fans have spoken. But here is the problem… what does that do to the morale of a team in the playoffs? Her timing was perfect. If this tape is found to be legit, he hurt his credibility, the morale of his team, his pocketbook in the future, he hurt his wife; but more importantly… he lost respect of current NBA owners.

But he raises an important issue. How many of us are working for an employer in which the CEO/Owner doesn’t like us? US = blacks, latinos, asians, native americans, women, children, etc. How many of us work in a place in which the environment has become so hostile you fear speaking out for fear of being reprimanded or fired? This is 2014. There’s no place for racism no more.

I read comments on posts/stories everyday and I am highly disgusted. Black people rape people. Black people commit crimes and rob and steal. Black people are on welfare. And it makes me want to reach to the deepest darkest parts of space and smack people into the next Millenia. In what reality do people live in that black people are the only ones who commit crimes? The sick part is, people want to talk about percentages. So let’s do it.

As of 2012, there are 313.9 million people in the United States. 72.6% are white, 12.6% are black. I’m guessing that about 2% of the blacks here had ancestors that were here by choice and that 70% of whites here had ancestors that illegally took land and poisoned, maimed, killed, etc. the former possessors of the land they now reside on. I digress.

We’re asked not to talk about it and/or to get over it and then people like Don Sterling, Don Imus, Rush Limbaugh, etc come around and we’re forced to grit our teeth and bare it. No more. The Clippers were classy and took a high road when it came to their boss. Everyone wants to say “but they are under contract.” NO WHERE in their contracts does it say work for an oppressor or someone who doesn’t want you at their games. He said it, not them. So I feel like… if I were a player, and my boss said I don’t want them [blacks] at my games… I’d kindly walk my black ass off court. And any impending lawsuit I clearly can tell them I followed what he requested. I am not going to be at any of his games or in his arena.

But this cannot be tolerated. As I stated on facebook, if Mark Cuban, a non-player, can be fined for his comments about refs; SOMEONE has to protect these players and fine/fire/do something when an owner makes derogatory comments about people who work for, come to support and buy things from “him.” When Colts owner Jim Irsay messed up and got a DUI, he was quickly removed from his position. You know why? Owners have to be held to a higher standard than those under them. It’s called leading by example.

Don Sterling, if you didn’t make the comments, I apologize in advance for the drama and pain your family has been caused. However, your actions speak louder than your words and it appears that you did. As owner of the Clippers, you needed to go into the locker room and talk to your players before their game. You needed to be present if you were innocent. Do not let us assume your guilt. You needed to say something to them so that Chris Paul, the players President, didn’t have to publicly say we won’t stand for this. You killed their vibe.

Oh, and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. She said she’d get you and baby, she got you.


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