Save our Girls 2014

*I was originally going to post about hostile Work Environments, which I still will, but something more important has come up.*


“Save our girls. Real men don’t buy girls.”

James Brown told us best; it’s a mans, mans, mans, mans world. And the frightening fact is, that’s the truth. Even though globally women outnumber men (barely but we still do), we are still the “weaker” of the two genders, the more mistreated of the two genders and the more assaulted of the two genders. AND for this blog’s purpose, please miss me with the what about transgendered, etc. this isn’t about orientation and gender, persay.

This is a public service announcement. PLEASE, SAVE OUR GIRLS. Bring our babies back.

Roughly 230 Nigeria female children, all school-aged, were kidnapped by a terrorist group. The group has stepped forward and claimed responsibility. They are “anti-Westernization” aka “pro-stone age.” They don’t want these girls exercising their right to learn, be educated, advance. They want them to remain ignorant and controlled. It’s like slavery, they they aren’t literally in bondage, without an education, you cannot make informative decisions and would “need” to depend on someone who has it. Who has it? Only the men, as they believe they should be the only ones to possess it. Power.

I digress.

They kidnapped the girls and have began to kill them and others. I saw a video last night, of a stoning. I didn’t want to share it, because most of us don’t have the stomach for it. I’ve watched the beheading video of journalist Daniel Pearl. I’ve watched the hanging video of Saddam Hussein. The video I saw of this terrorist group stoning this girl, was by far the worst thing I’ve ever seen. So much so that I even began to cry. They buried her from the neck down in a hole. Uncovered her head from the black pillow like thing they had around her. And used stones that were easily to size of half a brick, to break her skull. It was a 10 minute video. I refuse to re-post it.

The men have threatened to sell the girls and force them to marry. And whatever sick individual, having known that a mother, a father, a brother, a sister, a cousin, a grandparent; has lost their loved one and is insensitive enough to buy one of the girls knowing that the family may never find her or see her again, is garbage. He is just as wrong as those who have taken her.


Please, someone, save our black girls. This is a travesty. This is a public shame. How can we run into Ukraine and stop Russia? How can we run into Afghanistan and Iraq to stop dictators? How is it NATIONAL news when white kids go missing here and overseas? But when it’s a LARGE GROUP of black girls being attacked, it’s not quite as noticed? Why is our government and the United Nations and other countries around the world sitting back and doing nothing?

I used to justify, in my mind, the reasoning behind non-US involvement. I thought it may cause problems. There are literally black nations versus black nations. How could we possibly know who is in the wrong and we’d be inciting a civil war with our involvement. But this case, this is different. We KNOW who the bad guys are. They have announced themselves. They have three to four bus loads of girls. The compound they have them in, if they remain alive, has got to be big enough to locate. You can find a bunker with a man who wasn’t running, you can find a house with a man who wasn’t running, but you can’t find a COMPOUND with a group of men who aren’t running?

SAVE OUR GIRLS! They are being tortured, they are being raped and they are probably losing faith. Just so we are all very clear… I plan on, and will definitely be mailing out quite a few letters to our political leaders. It may fall on death ears, but let me tell you, it’s hard to ignore letters, when everyone has the same letter sent to their offices, homes, newsletters, newspapers. This is a public outcry and some of the public is too quiet for me.

SAVE OUR GIRLS! Because we are worth fighting for. If we stand for freedom, how can we continue to sit around and twiddle our thumbs? I am but one voice but if I had to make it count; it would be today.

SAVE OUR GIRLS! Because 230=plus missing girls is 230-plus too many.

Please read the above links. Spread the news. Write your congresspeople. Get involved.


13 thoughts on “Save our Girls 2014

  1. Reblogged this on Gotta Find a Home: and commented:
    This situation is heartbreaking. Please share this so we can make a difference.

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  2. Reblogged this on See Jane Sin and commented:
    Sounds familiar. What is happening now, has happened elsewhere, recently. Why? Because slavery IS Islamic. Because the expected obedience of women to men is in the Quran. Female slavery is canonical text. Fundamental Islamists use the Sunnah to guide their conquests and craft their laws. What else is in there? Verses on how to divorce wives who have NOT YET BEGUN TO MENSTRUATE. Children. Everything that common sense tells us cannot be sanctioned by our religion.. is. If it violates a human right, please don’t explain it away, or further apologist literature on it. It doesn’t work. Just kick it to the curb. Teach it how it is, and then teach why we should reject it, not wish it away, or pretend it is inaccurately translated, or abrogated. If it is there, it is proof that it is NOT DIVINE.

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  3. acdodwell says:

    reblogged this on baldvicar. Heartbreaking stuff- we each need to do what we can in our own lives and communities, and put pressure on our own political leaders to take action on a larger scale.

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  4. Absolutely. I can’t believe this ever faded from the headlines. This is a human rights issue. I’m so tired of people acting like we live in a box of crayons. I don’t care what color these people are. How can anyone? They are just babies. These men are the world’s problem, and these girls are the world’s responsibility. I have heard that these girls might be killed if we attempt to save them. Speaking as someone who has lost a child, I can say with absolute certainty that it is worth that risk. After all, what will happen to them if we give up? Won’t they be killed later, after being used and tormented and staged as pawns in this global terror crisis? These girls deserve a fighting chance, and we can try. We absolutely MUST try.

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  5. jssberry says:

    Reblogged this on Hear See Write LIFE and commented:
    Had to share this!

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  6. acdodwell says:

    Reblogged this on Essential Thinking and commented:
    read this earlier today- depressing, shocking, heart-wrenching… as a father of 2 girls this hit me again. Repost, circulate, share, write to your politicians, make sure everyone you know realises that cheap foreign labour is only a step away from the horrors of sexual slavery…

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  7. scrambler27 says:

    Reblogged this on Rich's Rambles and commented:
    Totally agree. How can our world leaders just let this one “go by” without taking serious action?! Boggles my mind. Please share.

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  8. Prayers from America
    Bring Back Or Girls. The world will never forget, we keep each one in our prayers. Real men don’t buy girls, women or men. Their lives are not for sale.

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  9. gillswriting says:

    A heart breaking post and one that resonates with me right now as I have been helping a friend prepare a petition for the South African government challenging them to take action against the violent crimes and abuse of women and children in their country. Maybe all the governments need the same petition in a cross Africa appeal? I will be back to this post for sure.

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  10. Frank Diggon says:

    Our hearts go out to the girls and their families but the initial inactivity of the Nigerian Nigerian Government was reprehensible and shameful.Have they yet beeen located? One hopes that this is the evil end of Islam and that one day the good guys will win!

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  11. Fight the good fight. Keep the faith.

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