Almost Gave Up

I posted about Robin Williams and feeling an overwhelming sense of loss and unhappiness. Depression has already been eating away at me, and I felt like writing was doing nothing for me. It was as if I was writing and only the walls were reading. I began to tell myself that the more I write, the less they’ll read. And contrary to popular belief, I read more than I comment.

But I was about to stop writing and stop being on social networks and just resort back to the corner, defeated, tail tucked and lonely.

Then something unexpected and miraculous happened. I get notifications on my phone someone likes, follows or comments on my blog. I guess I’m sort of a narcissist. Nonetheless, I do. After a fellow blogger, and one that I follow, encouraged me to read and comment on other people’s blogs, i did just that. And today, today a lot of you have made my day.

Dennis of “Gotta Find A Home” retweeted and reblogged and commented on a couple of my posts and i saw notification after notification. And I thought, wow! They really like me! So thank you Dennis for the confidence booster. You may not know it, but you have added a little bit more hope


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