Hostile Work Environments

I am currently going through a situation at my job that has come full head. Hours being cut, checks being shortened without notice, the disrespectful faces and demeanor/tone in the store manager’s voice gives all of the symptoms of a hostile work environment. On that note, I am going to discuss a few environments that could be potentially harmful and difficult for employees. Some we all know and some we don’t.

1. Discrimination

We all have heard of the famous Don Sterling comments that led to his eventual demise. Discrimination is probably what leads to employers having the highest turnover rate. Race, gender, sexual orientation; of course they never blatant say they are treating you like that because of those particular reason. But, let’s get serious. It is necessary to kill the cancer where it starts to prevent it from spreading like wildfire. One can only bite their tongue and keep their cool for sooooo long.

So let’s examine this further. And we’ll use Don Sterling. he made some disparaging comments about black people. It was amazing, and sad, because most of his employees, from the basketball players, to ball boys, to food court employees, to parking attendants, to fans are black. If he stays in power, which we know he didn’t, the financial ramifications that would have impacted him were great. Most fans would leave, all the athletes may have decided to hold out; it would have been like a scene out of the Replacements. Backlash would have covered


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