I’m an 18 year old, high school graduate. I want to and have been accepted to college. I have dreams. I have visions. I may have the appearance of a very strong, tall individual; an aggressive person because I “fit the description.” But, just because I backtalk you doesn’t mean I’m being aggressive. So i was walking in the street, and I probably shouldn’t have been, but I wasn’t hurting anyone or causing any disturbances. What right do you have to get out of your patrol car in an intimidating manner? Why did you draw your weapon on me and I was unarmed? Now my parents will go through the pain of losing a child and receiving no justice. As police departments only investigate themselves; will people like me ever be safe. #dontshoot Mike Brown Aug. 9th, 2014

I was walking down the street, headed home from the store. I was wearing my hoody and I was on the phone with a friend. You followed me for several blocks. i did nothing. You got closer and then confronted me after following me several more blocks. I “looked” suspicious. Apparently, I “fit the description.” I just got some snacks and was heading back to my family’s house. You approached me and put your hands on me. I defended myself by punching you and you tried to wrestle me. And then, and ONLY then, when you were defeated, did you make the choice to pull out a gun and shoot me. I was unarmed and defending myself. But they said taht you were “in fear of your life” and “stood your ground.” It’s okay to stalk and harass someone until they defend themselves and then the aggressor gets to play the victim. I was 17 years old. What do I have to do to ensure the survival of people like me? #dontshoot Trayvon Martin Feb. 26, 2012.

I was considerably different than many stories we’ve heard in the news. I was not from a predominantly black location. I was dressed in cosplay, I was into theater. I was in costume. I had a prop sword, it couldn’t have hurt anyone. You shot and killed me and now there’s the big “oops.” Too little, too late. We aren’t all “thuggish” and how many black people do you knwo just carry swords around? #dontshoot Darrien Hunt Sept. 14, 2014

I was in Wal-mart, where they SELL guns. I had an air rifle. Because I didn’t put down an air rifle, you stormed WalMart and shot me. Has a white man been shot at WalMart for picking up a bow and arrows? Any other type of guns that are SOLD at WalMart? So I must have been threatening looking because I was not aiming at anyone and I was in a store that sells guns and was probably going to purchase it.. unfortunately, that transaction never happened. #dontshoot John Crawford III Aug. 5th, 2014

Somehow, we both may have been in trouble, we were arrested. But how is it possible that we both committed suicide by shooting ourselves, when we were handcuffed BEHIND our backs? When will the madness end. Our situtation is reminiscent of Michael Taylor of Indianapolis, back in the late 1980s. Once again, our blood spilled and it was covered up by non-accountability. #dontshoot Chavis Carter (July 28, 2012) and Victor White (March 3, 2014).

I was allegedly selling “looseys” (single cigarettes), it may be illegal, but it wasn’t necessary to take me down using a chokehold. I didn’t resist arrest. I informed you of my breathing issues and people told you I had a hard time breathing/had asthma. Now I live behind my family, all because you overreacted to me selling single cigarettes. I may have been a big guy, but I was not harming anyone. #donshoot Eric Garner July 19, 2014

Me and my boys were in the car, at a gas station. we were bumping our music, because that’s what young men do. We were in a public place, not in a neighborhood. You approached our car, complainign about the loud music. We exchanged words and you left. When you RETURNED, you had a gun that you unloaded an entire clip into, hitting my friends and killing me. You then went about your way, went to eat and went home some 50 or so miles away. you didn’t call the police. You claim you saw a shotgun and you were in fear of your life. If you feared for your life, and we had a gun, why did you LEAVE and then RETURN??? Now I’m just another statistic whose death will never see justification. You were convicted of attempted murder for the htree lives of my friends (who are living.) but apparently, I killed myself…. Merry Christmas mom and dad, sorry I missed it. #dontshoot Jordan Davis Dec. 23, 2014

I was young and foolish. I shouldn’t have been drinking and driving. I should have called a cab. I didn’t, and I got into an accident. I was hurt and really scared. I came into a neighborhood that I barely knew and was looking for help. I knocked on the door and sought that assistance. You opened your door and shot me in the head with a shotgun. You were in fear of your life you said. So instead of callign the police or ignoring my knocks, you opened the door and shot me. Luckily, this went to court and you are preparing to be sentenced. I was just a young woman, seeking help and you killed me. #dontshoot Nov. 2, 2013.


I am the mother of a 3 year old, black male. He is a very friendly child. He loves to give “high fives”, hugs, and says hello, please and thank you at the drop of a dime. His manners are amazing. But what bothers me is that my toddler has to learn at such an early age that not everyone will ike you and not everyone is friendly. He has a soft voice, he’s not very loud or rambunctious. However, he does often say “Hi” and I notice the amount of peopel who ignore him or don’t acknowledge him as if he was a hoodlum. People, he is 3. I have to teach my toddler that there are certain parts of town he cannot go in. I have to teach my toddler that people will judge you and look at you differently, simply because you are black. You “fit the description.” And he’s big for a 3 year old. He’s 41 inches (3 feet, 5 inches), 41 pounds. He’s light-skinned. But he’ cute. How do I protect my child, yet let him grow up? He can get shot for walking in the street, listening to his music too loud, knocking on doors asking for help; he could be in theater, music, sports, he could be on his way to college… but someone who swears they were in fear of their life, or someone who swore an oath to protect and serve can overstep, overreact and shoot him… and I’ll have my baby taken from me.

All I’m asking is that we do not group everyone together in the same category. DONT SHOOT.


One thought on “#dontshoot

  1. Tanveer Rauf says:

    I’m so touched. How cruel are human beings. they judge a person not by character but by color, cast, religion ——shame on us,—– I sincerely wish your son and all children regardless of all negativity live long and cherish life amen


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