Cuban Missile Crisis Pt. 2: 2014

I don’t generally delve into politics or political writing, although I often do the research and have the facts to support what I would agree of disagree with… it is still, however, only my opinion. But what’s been happening lately, it is really starting to bother me.

I’m not one to too much care what other countries/nations are doing to “prepare” for war or their ammunition increases, nor their long range missiles. China doesn’t bother me so much; even though they CLEARLY outnumber Americans and if they really wanted to would crush us with mere numbers and technological advancement alone.

No, I’m worried about the Bear in the East. Mother Russia. “She”, and I use the pronoun only as a reference to the mother part of the subject, has been in the same spot she is in right now… knocking on the US’s door within “mere” miles.

Let me take you back to the 1960s, under the administration of the late President John F. Kennedy. In a brief nutshell, the then-USSR (Russia, let’s be honest) deployed and kept ballistic, US-reaching missiles on Cuban soil. Mind you, a young Castro was in office and ready to defend his land at any moment. The US half-heartedly invaded Cuba the year before and Russia, in the interest of spreading socialism/communism/anything the US would disagree with, came to an agreement with Castro to secretly place the missiles on Cuba’s island. Then President of Cuba, Osvaldo Dorticos, backed everything Castro did as both USSR and Cuban leadership felt another invasion of Cuba was imminent.

A standoff occurred, people’s temper’s flared, a nuclear showdown was narrowly averted and we all are here presently. That was 1962.

52 years later, we are back at odds with Russia. This time, it’s more serious as the weaponry is much more advanced, and Russians are much more likely to “push the button” with no regards to who gets hurt.

They are ready to occupy parts of the Gulf of Mexico with the ability to “greet unwanted guests from the North and East.” In laymen’s terms, if the US or Nato and its allies want it, they can get it. And we caught in the middle, should be very concerned. I am well aware of Russia’s imperialistic acts in Ukraine (but the US is FAR from innocent when it comes to annexing land that already exists and belongs to others. I DIGRESS). I am well aware of the sanctions that US persuaded NATO to place on Russia. And we should all be made aware that Russia is not happy, and an angry bear has been awoken out the East.

Should this occur, there is not amount of time for evacuation, no amount of distance from the borders, no amount of anything that would preserve life near the range of the ships’ missiles. We are officially playing the game notoriously known as Russian Roulette. The exception is, most of us are unwilling participate. I urge you all to take heed, keep notice; communication and compromise can end this rush to conflict. But lack thereof has, so far, led us to another Cuban Missile Crisis.


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