Decision 2014: Michael Brown

November 24, 2014, will go down in history; despite the outcome of a jury’s decision it will definitely affect us all.

Whether you believe the shooting was justified or not, whether you believe Michael Brown was a sinister character or not, whether you are willing to accept the reactions nationwide/worldwide or not; it is going to be announced today.

The precedent will be set for the future and the livelihood of our children is at stake. There is going to be joy, there is going to be anger, there is going to be confusion; there is going to be sadness. Regardless of how you feel, remember life must and will continue to go on.

Allow Michael Brown’s family their closure and allow the young man to rest in peace. Pray over and teach our little ones and be reminded of consequences. While I won’t state my direct opinion on this here, right now… it’s pretty safe to say most reading this will understand how I feel.

I have a 3-year-old boy, African American, who will always “fit the description” for as long as he shall live. I can raise him as best as I can to do the right things, but ultimately, the choice is his to do right. I will protect him with all my might and love him in spite of any flaws he may posses. I will not allow him to become another statistic and I will praise him. I hope we can mend the tears before the division becomes non-mendable. Until such time I pray you all peace.


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