State of the NFL Heading into the 2015

1. If the playoffs were to start today… the AFC would look as follows: (1-4 and the two wildcard teams.) Patriots (9-3), Broncos (9-3), Bengals (8-3), Colts (8-4), Chargers (7-5) and most likely the Ravens (7-5).

the NFC would look as follows: Packers (9-3), Cardinals (9-3), Eagles (9-3), Falcons (5-7), Seahawks (8-4) and Lions (8-4).

Did anyone else notice a problem? Grant it there are four more games and anything can happen, but there is only ONE TEAM that is under .500 that holds a prominent playoff position. Can you guess who it is? The terrible Falcons would get into the playoffs today before the 8-4 Cowboys, and 7-5 49ers. (The last team mentioned is looking to get rid of the coach, more on that later.) I’m never a complainer about football because, clearly as long as I see the Colts and/or Lions I’m good. But there’s at least two more deserving teams. It seems that is may be time to increase playoffs. Just my opinion.

2. Welcome back Ray Rice, goodbye Marshawn Lynch? – I’m not going to give my opinion on Ray Rice’s return other than to say, the Lions and the Colts are vying for him. Who needs him most? Probably the Colts, as they have an aging Reggie Wayne who may be retiring soon. Marshawn Lynch, the ever incredible non-talking athlete… at the tender age of 28 is thinking about retirement. But the Lions need an RB. this off season should be interesting.

3. The 49ers are blaming Michigan’s own and Head Coach Jim Harbaugh for the 9ers woes. Because he’s clearly done a terrible job … (insert sarcasm). He is on the trading block, as rumor has it. In other news, and I called this early in the season, it appears that RGIII’s time in Washington is coming to a close. Disgruntled co-workers and bosses make for uncomfortable work environments. And to think, the Skins let him get Mike Shanahan fired before realizing that it was HIM not Shan! smh

4. SPOAL is DEMANDING the St. Louis Rams or the NFL (or both) to discipline the players that held up their hands in the “hands up, don’t shoot” movement. They are calling for there to also be a public apology made by both organizations. In other news, they are threatening (it was insinuated) to boycott football games if one isn’t issued…..

Roger Goodell, yor career thus far has been less than stellar and I move for a vote of no confidence in your ability. I’m going to need someone to draft up some impeachment documentation and get this ball rolling.


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