Day 4: Lincoln Perry aka Stephin Fetchit

He was the first black film star and the first black millionaire in Hollywood. Unconventional and deemed racist/stereotypical, Perry portrayed his act and characters under the name Stephin Fetchit; most notably for his role as “the laziest man in the world.” At a time when black face was a dominant force and “black” roles were given to people of non-color, the stereotypical roles of former (or current) slave, “the help” and other similar roles were the first available when he broke onto the scene.

It has been said that he was the very opposite of the roles he played. He was bright, thoughtful and hardworking. Born to parents of West Indian ancestry, Perry cultivated an act and kept moving forward. His career spanned from 1916 until 1976.

He has a son, believed to still be living, name Jemajo J Perry in California. I encourage you to read about the first black film star and educate yourselves. There will be more to com.

Lincoln Perry’s Nov. 21, 1985 Obituary
Hollywood’s First Black Start
Find A Grave (please read)

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