Day 10: Della Reese

Shoutout to one of Detroit’s MANY talented persons – Delloreese Patricia Early.

Most notable for her role in Touched By An Angel, many people forgot that she’s come a long way from her jazz singing, curse-filled comedic roles. My generation, and the previous ones, don’t know her as Tess. We know her as “Vera.”

From Blackbottom Detroit, an all black neighborhood in the D, she began singing. She sang with Mahalia Jackson’s choir, and even went to Cass Tech. She partially studied at Wayne State University as well. She had one of the first (and most likely only) gospel acts that graced the strip in Las Vegas.

She is now a minister in out in Calfornia, going by the name Rev. Dr. Della Reese Lett.

Here is to one of the D’s talents, one of the funniest, caringest, and seemingly grandma-esque to all … Della Reese.

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