Day 11 – Jackie Robinson West

I was going to do a tribute to Whitney Houston, 3 years to the day she passed away. But something more urgent, more pressing came to my attention this morning.

The Jackie Robinson West little league baseball team has been stripped of their title.

Little League Team Stripped of Title

My concern is how they crucified these boys, not once, not twice, but three times before FINALLY “finding” something to disqualify the boys for. They used a loophole, which to me isn’t a violation of rules, that allowed for players to play on the team even when they had a residence somewhere else. Like many, and unfortunately, black kids — their parents are separated. They live in two different areas. It is not the child’s fault that this condition occurs. But had these kids been an all white team, would this even be a problem? Would anyone else raise an issue with it?

They were not out robbing stores or people’s homes, they were in the wrong school districts, they were drinking, smoking, etc… they were being kids and staying in an environment that kept them out of trouble. People are SUCCESSFULLY told them that no matter how “good” they act, they will always be bad. By taking away something these boys EARNED and DESERVED, the league has sent a message. No cheaters won’t be tolerated, but we only investigate minorities. There is no excuse to have to have done this three times. None of the kids were over-age, as some of the violators of the past have been… the teams only problem is that some of the kids parents are not married and/or do not live in the same house, in the same area. It is a shame that we pick on kids who are doing positive and trying to remain in a positive light, yet let other kids use “affluenza” as a defense for underage drinking, hit-and-run accidents, vehicular manslaughter and get a slap on the wrist.

I’m glad the kids got to meet President Obama and I pray the LL reconsiders the message they are sending out. Congratulations NONETHELESS to the team that truly put their blood, sweat and tears out there to win! We still stand with you!


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