Day 13: Black Authors

Today, is free promotion day on my blog for authors that I have read. I generally plug all authors and everything they have written, especially if I liked it. This is for those up and coming authors or even highly published authors of the 2000s. Black history isn’t just about the past, it’s equally about the present and future as well.

First I will say that all the titles and authors I will mention have their ebooks and physical books available for purchase on also, many of the authors can be found on Facebook, their own websites and Google their names if you have any problems.

Situations by James D Sanders… You can catch him on fb on his author page Author James Sanders or his regular page. Or at

The Crisis Before Midlife by Mario D King… You can catch him on his author page on Facebook as Author Mario D King

Coming soon by L Logan Chandler – Casualty of Love in MARCH!!!!! You can catch her on her author page on Facebook.

There are quite a few books by this author, but the two I’ve read are Nightwalkers Book 1 and 2. You can catch him on Facebook as The Black or on his regular page. Or at

Wildflower, Prudence and (coming soon) Dangerously In Love by Michele Kimbrough. She can be seen on fb at her writers page Michele Kimbrough Writer or

Barbara Joe Williams – Holiday Hotel 2, just in time for Valentine’s Day!!!! Find her on Facebook as Barbara Joe Williams or at

Sabrina Sims McAfee – Marrying The Marine and Wanted. Visit her at or on Facebook as Sabrina McAfee

It is important to highlight accomplishments and success. Each of these writer has successfully put their artistic visions to paper and pushed through the publishing process. Whether it’s his or her first book or twentieth book; whether they had 5 star reviews or 1 star reviews; they put their best foot forward.

Please support these and other authors/writers. Books are still a needed form of communication to capture minds. A gateway to imagination and imagery, an escape albeit brief from reality. Artistic expression!

3 thoughts on “Day 13: Black Authors

  1. I appreciate the shout out!! Thank you!


  2. Barbara Joe says:

    Thanks for including me on this fabulous list. It’s an honor to be mentioned.


  3. clynetteb says:

    No need to thank me. I should be thanking you all. You’ve given me the inspiration to get back to my first love: Writing. Happy Valentine’s day!


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