Howard University Awesomely Adds More Black History Pages Into Wikipedia

Howard University Adds More Blacks to Wikipedia


madame cj walker

Most of us use Wikipedia whenever we need our memories refreshed or some quick information on various people and topics. So much can be discovered while you’re on there too, because one click always leads into another. However, there are still flaws and missing pages from this massive online textbook and many a Black legacy has been wrongfully absent –until now. The Wikimedia D.C. foundation, based out of Howard University, is aiming to add more Black history-themed content to Wikipedia’s pages, to highlight the other great achievements of lesser known heroes, events, and places.

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As a Black History Month project, it’s both a personal and public outpour of gratitude for the HBCU foundation. For every Thursday this month, they meet at a Howard University research center to gather a list of who and what they’ll like to add to Wikipedia, also collaborating with…

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