Day 21: Malcolm X

She said it,and it will be addressed.

His daughter said to educators do not forget her father and I want to let her know…. No one has forgotten and he will be remembered by all of my readers and my son and by me… “By any means necessary.” Everything you are about to read comes from my knowledge of Malcolm. From speeches I’ve heard, the movie X, his autobiography and other research I’ve done growing up.

Yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of Malcolms death on New York. Though we’ll never know who pulled the trigger, it has always been clear that two groups wanted him in his current state. The question is, which one had the gumption to order the hit and go through on it.

Malcolm Little, aka Malcolm X aka El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, was born in May of 1925 in Nebraska. Shortly after his father received death threats, he was a black reverend and pro black power in the South, the Little family moves to Mason, Michigan.

The elder Little was killed, they claimed it was suicide but no one can beat themselves up and then lay themselves on tailgate tracks to be ran over. At the time, there were six children in the Little family and Mrs. Little, a woman of mixed ancestry who could have passed for white, had lost her mind. Not only because of her husband’s death, but due to the continuous State inferral of her family, harassment and having six young kids. Her nervous breakdown caused for the kids to be split up and Malcolm , already a troubled kid, was in the system.

He never finished high school and barely made it out of Michigan. He headed to Boston to be withh his eldest sister Ella, from his father’s previous marriage. Still, he ended up being the average young, misguided black man. He ran numbers, drank, smoked, etc. But in the process he met a lot of people in New York, musicians, comedians such as Ella Fitzgerald, Redd Foxx, the Duke, etc.

One fateful day, while running with his friend Shorty and two white girls, they were caught up for robbery. The white girls most likely got off but Malcolm and Shorty got sentenced to something 25 years.

Malcolm taught himself how to read in Prison by reading the dictionary. And he encountered some men who were speaking of Islam and a black movement within.

NOTE: BLACK MUSLIMS/NATION OF ISLAM is not the same as Islam and Muslims from the Middle East. This needs to be VERY clear. Not all NOI were radicals and not all Muslims are terrorists.

Elijah Muhammad spoke Sith and guided Malcolm. He became part of a group that made him very powerful. At the tender age of his early 30s, Malcolm had a father figure, an entire group of new family members that thought as he. He formed his white man is the devil beliefs. He developed an eloquent way of speaking and commanded respect. He said that we needed to support black business and was adamant about the strict bylaws of Islam…. Which he would discover not all of his mentors followed.

Malcolm taught a young Muhammad Ali, who later learned just what it meant when you go against the NOI and no longer have its blessing, he even taught his successor Louis Farrakhan. He was so powerful that jealousy did rear its head from its leaders. We are talking about a man that came to a police station, asked the chief some questions while backed by a mob of some hundreds of black men, whom when he was asked to disperse the crowd rose his hand in the air and pointed and the crowd dispersed… Who made the chief say a famous line that was made into a song “No one man should have all that power.”

Until President Kennedy died. He made a comment about the chickens coming home to roost. Elijah Muhammad silenced him and he and the NOI had all but officially split. Malcolm took it upon himself to learn of true Islam. He made the pilgrammage to Mecca during Ramadan; thus earning the name El Hajj Malik Shabazz. He stated that he saw brothers and sisters of all colors and shapes worshipping together and renounced his initial views of radicalism.

Before I finish I will touch on the violent and non violent aspect of his life. He disagreed with being docile and being peaceful. Protest was find but.not at the expense of being beaten, having dogs sicked on you… But he never told anyone to go kill anyone else. He did suggest being the man carrying the bigger stick….. But let’s make this clear…. He never committed an a t of documented violence other than his arrest when he was in his twenties. So when I’m history class or discussing Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., remember they may have disagreed on methodology, but they had a mutual respect for each other.

He was killed while giving a speech. Ozzie Davis eulogized him. In recent years, one of his daughters tried to kill Farrakhan; one of his grandsons caused a house fire that claimed Ms. Betty Shabazz’s life and I believe it is the same grandson who was killed in Mexico a few years ago.

He would have been 80 years this year.


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