I Do Not Watch Them

I do not and never have watched movie and tv award shows. It’s far and few in between that I was music awards. After the disgusting comments made at the Oscars, in which, as usual, ALL minorities were severely underrepresented; I will never watch them period.


I am proud of Zendaya and her speaking up and out. Our Black is beautiful. Her hair was gorgeous and didn’t look like the stereotypical locs that the Rancic chick even described.

http://politic365.com/2015/02/09/why-i-have-a-problem-with-kylie-jenners-dreadlocks/ (shows pictures of Kylie Jenner’s “locs”)

I’ll be back with more moments in Black History but…. remember this, they suspend us for our hair being different colors and different styles, yet allow other to embrace their differences. We are punished for natural and they are celebrated for unnatural.


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