Author Highlight: Interview With James Sanders

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James D Sanders is an up and coming, self-published author. His intense expression with details and expression makes him stand apart from other new writers. Hailing from Saginaw Michigan, his debut novel “Situations” started off the literary new year being fully available on January 1st. Situations follows the highly successful poetry book he published last year titled “Life & Poetry: Early Poetic Expressions.”

Instagram: jdsanders12

How does it feel to be published?
It actually feels pretty awesome. I published independently for my first projects, so I’m just enjoying the process and looking forward to what happens next.

How long have you been writing in a serious manner?
I’ve actually been writing for about 15 years. It wasn’t until December 2013 that I was able to begin putting serious time into making it a profession. I started my website in March of 2014 and have been going ever since.

What were/are your motivations for writing novels and/or short stories?
My first novel is the result of experience combined with an active imagination. I was able to put together different pieces based upon experiences of where I was raised and who I was raised around, and work them in with different situations and scenarios I was able to develop, and came up with the story. The second book is a combination of different levels of research on some pretty interesting concepts that I’m figuring out how to incorporate together.

What genre would you label your novels/short stories after?
I honestly write from multiple genres. I like to challenge myself, so I actually write in any genre that I personally enjoy reading. My first novel and the one that I’m currently working on are both Urban crime and Suspense/Thriller novels respectively. I’m also working on a few short stories that are adult dramas as well as true crime stories. As a newbie to the field, I’m looking to keep myself from essentially being a “type-write”, similar to a typecast in acting. That way, I can challenge myself to keep doing something different while still ensuring that, if nothing else, I enjoy my writing.

What are some of the titles of works that you are working on currently?
Right now, I’m working on a Suspense/Thriller titled Wrought In Blood.

How have you grown as a writer?
I can see that my writing has actually progressed. I am now able to be much more creative with my work. Whereas when I first began writing, I was pretty much limited in what I could write. It was mainly based on whatever I was going through emotionally/personally. So I’m enjoying the progress, especially when I get to read some of my older work immediately followed by some of my newer projects.

So what can potential readers expect from James Sanders the author?
I can truthfully say that readers can expect to always receive work that has been passionately put together. They can always expect to receive books and stories from an author that is a true student of the craft, and someone that will always give 100% to each and every project.

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