Day 25: Dwight D Eisenhower

This is going to remain up for debate, but it isn’t too far fetched. Having worked on my family tree, and saw a lot of the women of color in the late 1800s pass for white, I believe this is probably very likely.

It has been said on numerous occasions, much to the dismay of our counterparts, that we’ve had black presidents in the past. Obama is not the first, and according to republicans – it isn’t the “black” half of him that won smmfh – and there are many rumors surrounding some of them.

We’ve heard that there was a Black Moor who was the actual first president of America before it was officially united in the 1700s. I’ve heard Andrew Jackson and even James Madison had “colored” blood. Warren G. Harding never denied it, because he’s the only one who accepted the fact that MANY TIMES whites had sexual relations with blacks (albeit by force at times).

But the one that really gets under people’s skin is the genealogy of Dwight D Eisenhower, the GREAT war hero.


This is a picture of President Eisenhower’s father and mother. Notice this is a black and white picture, but look at his mother’s features. She looks to have some “black” features such as a wide nose and the “white” in the picture seems to be a little darker than her husbands.

It is alleged that she was passing for white. At a time when, as forklore/word of mouth goes, there were only 2 families in the Virginia are with the name Link (which would be Ida’s mother’s last name)… they were black and white. Ida was orphaned at a young age, so that part of her history is unclear. We know she married a German immigrant and had 6 kids, one of which was president.

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