Black History Month Conclusion

My goal every year until the end of time is to highlight someone who we barely hear of… be them slave, free or otherwise. Black people made significant contributions, that often went unknown and unrealized in this country. Similarly, our struggles were documented in many forms such as books, films, comics, etc.

I hope you all took the time to learn about some of the people I listed.

Black history is more than just a month, it is all year-long. It is more than just the past, it is the present and the future. It is more than just the older people, it is the middle-aged and the younger ones as well. Be you light-skinned, dark-skinned, tall, short, inventor, athlete, musician, writer/author… you are history in the making…

Peace Love and Hair Grease to you all…

Please remember to stop by and support all the independent publishing and corporately published e-book and paperback book writers, poets, authors. All our entrepreneurs out there. Buy black!!! I have and for the most part, I am glad!!!

Sutton Relatives I love you all and I thank you for making this past year wonderful. To all my people trying to make money and including me in their processes, I shol appreciate ya! Until next year… keep an eye out for Ebony Articles.


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