Author Highlight Now Open

For the remainder of the month of March…

My blog will be open to any visiting writers, authors, poets, etc.

If you have a book coming soon, an interview you would like me to post, or if you’d like me to interview for you… I can and am willing to do so.

Just comment and let me know!

April 1 2015, coming to Amazon soon!!!

6 thoughts on “Author Highlight Now Open

  1. Thank you for the invitation to post on your blog. I have a children’s book coming out this summer. Release date is August 11th. “Flim Flam and Other Such Gobbledygook” entertains in barnyard style as it also gently instructs on the importance of accepting and including others. Please contact me with details of what you would like me to send.

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  2. Well of course I want in on this! Book coming soon (March 21st) and you can pop my interview cherry LOL


  3. nlockley says:

    Hi, thank you for this opportunity. I’d love to have my book featured on your blog.


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