Author Highlight: Author L Logan Chandler

Today’s Author Highlight is L Logan Chandler

L. Logan Chandler is an author, wife and mother with a rich experience in life and love. She first fell in love with writing as a teenager, when she discovered it to be an easier way to control her emotions. L. Logan Chandler’s writing today allows her to creatively express herself. Her debut novel with Dewy Moss, Casualty of Love takes you on a journey of love, passion, lies, deception, and heartache. The ultimate beautiful nightmare turned dream come true.

L. Logan Chandler lives for an exciting, passion filled, romance, with a dash of suspense and a slight undertone of drama. If she is not reading or writing you will find her on the sidelines with her husband, at her children’s many sporting events. L. Logan Chandler loves a good social event. She often invites her friends to her home for a fun filled time that usually has her asking, “Can that go in the book?” L. Logan Chandler was born and raised in Gary, Indiana and now lives just outside of Indianapolis with her husband and children.

Here’s a snippet from Casualty of Love. It drops March 21, 2015. Pre-order today and COP THAT BOOK!
Casualty of Love 2 (1)

Alex figured she could get comfy and pass right out. She washed her face, unpinned her curls, got undressed and put on her robe. It’s not like she had to worry about Jared taking advantage of her. She had her tongue in his mouth and his hardness in hand the other day and he wanted no parts of where her mind was leading them. Her phone began to buzz, again.

Boris Chandler: Hey…..what are you wearing?
Alex: Do you not understand ttyl….a robe.
Boris Chandler: A robe! Put on some damn clothes. I can’t believe I sent you home to another man!
Alex: That you did, but that ship has sailed. Actually it was never docked.
Boris Chandler: It better not…..ever.
Alex: You do not own me!

Alex continued to text as she headed back to the couch to put her plan into play. Jared noticed her smile, but more importantly he noticed her sheer lace bra that left nothing to the imagination. He couldn’t take his eyes off her as she moved closer to the couch. Jared tried not to stare, but with every step her thighs peeked from under that damn robe and her nipples were rock hard. He felt they were taunting him. Screaming to be played with. Who was she texting?

Boris Chandler: I may not own you but I bet I still own her :-p
Alex: Who asked who to move to Spain TWICE? Lmbo seems like she owns him!
Boris Chandler: You may be right. There is only one way to find out.
Alex: Goodnight Boris! I need to square some things away with Jay.

Alex curled up on the opposite end of the couch as she continued to text. Jared was slightly envious that someone had her so engaged.

Boris Chandler: Alright, alright. But you need to put on some damn clothes first!
Alex: Kinda working on seducing him. I’m rocking a sheer bra too! Lol
Boris Chandler: Don’t do me like this. Are you serious?

Alex placed her phone on the end table and turned her attention to Jared who was doing a horrible job pretending he was watching the television. Boris needed to calm down and back off. He would have to wait.

“So, what’s up Jay? What’s going on in your head?”

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