A – Aging Gracefully

April is the A to Z Challenge month.

So I guess I’ll get back to blogging and not just writing.

Aging Gracefully:

I am officially 30 years old. Today marks my 9th anniversary (we’ll keep it Subliminal until next year) and I just released my very first book, Ebony Articles: Volume 1. I am the mother of an adorable yet time consuming 3-year-old boy. I also am not at the idea weight I NEED/WANT to be… but besides that. I am aging gracefully

I have always been older in spirit and action than my age shows. Although in some instances, I’ve been told I look like I’m still in my 20s, my body lets me know otherwise. I feel older than 30. My patience is much thinner, my motivation for things has decreased while the need to procrastinate has increase.

But I have great motivational people around me. Queayna Battle has no idea how much she really pushed me to get my writing done. And although I’m sure he thinks I’m slacking, James Sanders has pushed me to really work out and get back into the shape I desire. I appreciate the both of them. They are in my circle for that very reason.

So with that, I am looking forward to aging gracefully. I am, relatively, healthy. Aside from my weight, everything else in this old body is running correctly. I’m finally getting out and enjoying life and feeling a little bit younger. In no time, I will look up and see that I am 40. But at 40, I’m going to be the finest 40 year old Crystal Burks aka C Lynette ever seen!


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