C – Criticism

It comes with the territory. Every aspect of your.life, whether you ask for it or not, is going to be scrutinized and criticized… It’s all a matter of the messenger and the delivery.

Let me give you some examples. My book was short… But it was done so purposely. I needed to know people’s true opinions before I did something longer. One person who read it said it was too short. Another person said it made me (or the writer) look like a hoe and that they desired more character development.

I now know how to improve for the next installation. I’ll expand on characters, I can most definitely write longer, in depth and engaging tales and I will have defined each story.

I could have taken those the wrong way and scrapped all ideas. Got to have a strong back bone in the writing industry. And I haven’t even gotten reviews yet lol.

Another example – I’m in the process of losing weight and working out. I’m 190 and need to lose weight to be comfortable. I was asked if I was pregnant (still chuckling) so I know it’s time to work harder than I have been. My friend is kicking my butt, he doesn’t know it, and whipping me into shape. If I was sensitive and more easily offended, the person asking me if I was pregnant would have pushed me over the edge… And a year ago she would have.

It’s a natural part of life that we all have to accept, take with a grain of salt and move on from. Criticism… Bring it on.


One thought on “C – Criticism

  1. That’s a healthy attitude. I might’ve had to mess with the person who asked if I was pregnant. Throw some shock her way. ha!

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