E – Everything Is Everything

*Lauryn Hill playing in the background* “Everything, is everything. Everything is everything. After winter, must come spring. Change it comes eventually.”

I’ve learned some solid lessons this past weekend. And I can’t help but reflect on some things.

1. Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help. (Psalms 146:3)
I made the mistake at trusting the word of man versus trusting the answers that I asked to be revealed unto. And I was foolish. When someone reveals themselves to you, take them at that and THAT only.

2. People can only do to you what you allow them to do. And I found this out as well… and that is why, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to write about it in my upcoming book, Ebony Articles 2… My life is an open book and the story needs to be published, regardless of what role you play in.

How does this relate to Everything is Everything? The phrase, to me, is synonymous with phrases such as “What will be will be” and “it is what it is.” This is life this is my everything. And when I give my everything, I give everything. That is all I can do to remain true to me. I cannot worry about what you do or don’t like when you don’t even have my best interests in heart. I can’t concern myself with how others view my looks, my hair, my clothes, my anything… because at the end of the day, the only one providing for me (and my son) is me. Everything else is secondary.

And with that said… I’m still working on Ebony Articles #2 – ladies if you are interested, please get your submissions, requests, ideas, etc. to me asap. I’m planning for a July 4th release date.
I’m also working on Ebony Articles #3 – so fellas, I KNOW you got some stories for me… don’t make me call individuals out because at this point in my life, I will.

And I’ve been feeling a little poetry lately. So if you are interested in a duet (or a triet <– is that even a word lol) let me know.



2 thoughts on “E – Everything Is Everything

  1. When someone stabs you in the back, did you let them? Nah, there’s a first time for everything and you’re not always “allowing” it to happen. We can’t control what other people do. We can only control how we respond. The “response” is what we have control over, not what other people do.

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