K – Killin’ Em Softly

I decided that I was going to drop the next two books in the “series” unseries relatively close together. It works for me because it is not a series with an ending, it’s a series that will never end.

Eventually they will grow bigger and better and that is how you kill em softly. They try to avoid and deny it… as women, we tend to shy away from being openly sexual for fear of societal disapproval. Where it’s one thing to be sexually promiscuous and another thing to have something happened once or twice in your life. Sex is a naturally occurring act… we should embrace it.

But, for all the ladies, don’t think I’m “exposing” you. I’m not. I’m giving you an avenue to say something that you’ve been wanting to get off of your chest for a long time. And don’t worry, I have a male version coming soon.

“Killin Em Softly” – this is me being quiet, but carrying the bigger stick.

EBONY ARTICLES: VOLUME 2 and 3 on the way


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