N – Notice

I’m giving everyone NOTICE today.

NOTICE – I haven’t forgotten and will never forget all of my author friends and family out their hustling.
NOTICE – If you are insecure in your relationship with whomever you are with, check him not me.
NOTICE – I don’t share…… *subliminal*

But most importantly I need for you to NOTICE me!!!


On April 1st, 2015, the sexiest new Erotic Romance book took the world by storm. EBONY ARTICLES: VOLUME 2
10 stories. 1 storyteller. — THE BEST IS STILL YET TO COME…. Available for $2.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited. Come read about Magik and his wand-like touch. Zeus has all the moves… or the store that’ll leave you craving Blacks N Hennessey. (CLICK THE BOOK TO LINK TO THE AMAZON PAGE.) #ebonyarticles

AND NOTICE MY FRIENDS!!! Click all of the books to link to their amazon pages!!
Street Lit for the soul! Follow the happenings of Dee and Jay, cousins going through “Situations” on the streets of Saginaw. #situations

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00001]
Follow Malcolm as he finally learns to forgive, love and continue to grown into manhood, breaking out of The Crisis Before Midlife. #thecrisisbeforemidlife

I said it before and I’m going to tell ya again… this ain’t ya average love song with Beyonce singing it. This goes way beyond love… it’s the deadliest form of love…. LUST.

Casualty of Love 2 (1)


One thought on “N – Notice

  1. I love how you give us a shout out whenever you can. You ROCK!


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