P – Power Play

First off – 2 points for using today’s letter in the title twice!

Second – this is my recognition for my life coach, Queayna Battle, who probably thinks I be blowing her off or not listening to her when she speaks. A lot of people think I ignore them and blow them off and I truly don’t. But she has me thinking…

She has defined power play for me. I’m not referring to the $1 bonus you add for Mega Millions (or is that Hoosier Lotto?), this is the meaning of hardwork.

We were discussing my current frustration of promotions (which I absolutely suck at self promotion. I am not a designer and even “basic” design for promotion looks like crap coming from me… but I digress.) and having no residual funds other than this 9-5 i have (8-4:30 anyway.)

She told me that she believes in having 5 streams of steady income. And I agreed with her, but that is virtually impossible. I have a hard time grasping the concept of paying someone in order for me to start getting paid. Like, I’m giving you anywhere from $50 to $300 for you to give me products/information to possibly (not) sell to others or recruit others. I am not a salesperson… I actually can’t even sell water to a person that’s dehydrated… I wasn’t given the gift of gab, shooting the breeze…. as a matter of fact, I’m downright boring if you ask me… I deliver things with no tact (i’ve been told several times) and the reason I decided on journalism is because to me news is fact… there is no gray area.

Again, I digress.

But listening to her and thinking about it, as a single mom with an ever growing child, I HAVE TO GET OVER IT, real quick. Publishing books is a form of income, not so steady yet… but it’ll get there. My 37.5 hours a week job is a steady form of income. Freelance writing is a small, inconsistent source of income… so I thought I could do nails……………… I forgot that I’m not artistic….

So I’m about to do the ULTIMATE power play. She suggested it and I thought about it… I’ve always loved helping my people out. Which is amazing how I can do for others what I can’t do for myself. I can plug, promote, pull for, vote for, leave reviews for, get mail merges and research the heck out of anything you tell me to…. so I’m going to do just that.

I’m getting my logo, letterhead, resume and portfolio back other, repacking myself as a writer/public relations person with a concentration in promotion. That is not to say that I’m going to charge everyone or charge anyone I’ve already volunteered to do it for. No one asked me to do it, I voluntarily did it.

So spread the word… I write essays, do research papers, promote, leave reviews, edit, write poems, write short stories and collaborate with people for a meeting of the mind. If you need me, for anything, let me know.

2015 #letsgetthismoney #blackauthors #indiepublishing #clynette


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