Q – Queen

Queens – Things you do not have to tolerate… hatred, non-appreciation, degradation, disrespect and someone trying to control you when they aren’t contributing anything to your well being.

Just because you helped create a seed, doesn’t make you a parent. Just because you talk loud and carry a big stick, doesn’t make you feared… it makes you ignorant.

While you are calling a queen a fat ass bitch, a nothing ass female, telling her what she doesn’t have, telling her what is wrong with her, telling her where she doesn’t live… pick up your mirror and look at where you are at and what you are doing and what you have done. You are far from perfect.

Queens, don’t let no man tell you any of the aforementioned things. But don’t stoop so low as to say anything in retaliation. Where one is name-calling, getting their blood pressure raised, angry… they are not worth the words, the time or the effort. KEEP IT MOVING.

Reclaim your nobility, my queens… keep the rightful place that God gave to you!


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