R – Rebuild Me (Remix) – J Moss

Sometimes I’m cold
Sometimes I’m hot
Sometimes I’m prayerful
Other times I’m not

Sometimes I feel like giving up, yeah
Sometimes my faith, feels used up
And every time I get in a bind
I know you’re there
Send up this real simple prayer

Rebuild me
I said rebuild me (yeah)
I said rebuild me
Rebuild me

We’re gonna make mistakes
And have a price to pay
But I ain’t ever seen a perfect man
Just people saved by grace
You never make everybody happy
God in heaven has the last say
Bruises and blemishes everywhere
Just remember this little prayer

And rebuild me
And rebuild me
Said rebuild me (don’t forget about me)
Just rebuild me

For the broken rebuild me
For the damaged rebuild me
For the bruised rebuild me
For the hurt rebuild me
Everybody say rebuild me (rebuild me)
From your heart say rebuild me (rebuild me)
From your soul rebuild me (rebuild me)
I know it hurts but say rebuild me (rebuild me)
Listen, listen, it’s not over say rebuild me (rebuild me)
There’s a renewing in the air, rebuild me (rebuild me)
It’s never too late for God to rebuild me (rebuild me)
Everything that I’ve done wrong, rebuild me (Father)
I’m standing with all I know, rebuild me
With nowhere else to go, rebuild me
I’m standing in need of prayer, rebuild me
If you hear me Lord, let me know you’re there, rebuild me
Come and fix me, rebuild me
Fix me, rebuild me
If you don’t do it won’t be done, rebuild me
Forgive me for what I’ve done, rebuild me


One thought on “R – Rebuild Me (Remix) – J Moss

  1. mihrank says:

    LOL – You made me Laugh – I tried to follow the clip and music – its great!!


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