Author Highlight: Author Amonty

Today’s Author Highlight is Amonty aka Lamont Wheeler

Lamont Wheeler, an author from Cleveland, continually writes from the heart about different emotions pertaining to situations people go through from day to day life. He has finished five books that are available on Amazon, Barnes & “The East 76 Street Bully” – his first book, “A God Fearing Santa”, “Poetic Love”, “A Woman’s Revenge” and “Badoma.” Lamont started out as a playwright in 2004 and began writing short stories in 2014. He is currently a nominee for “Author of the Year” for his children’s book called “A God Fearing Santa” in 2015. Lamont Wheeler is currently signed with Royalty Publishing House and additionally pens under the moniker Amonty.


The Playbook Of A Ballers Wife: Part 1, released date on April 30, 2015. CHECK OUT THIS SYNOPSIS and click on the book for a link to the Amazon page.
A baller's Wife Playbook

Tara’s boyfriend was the hottest pro-ball prospect in the ‘hood, and when Tara
snags his heart, he promises an undying loyalty to their love and his ‘hood, but
when his basketball career takes off and he skyrockets to stardom, Nick quickly
gets “brand new,” forgetting about his ‘hood and abandoning his wife before the
ink is dry on their marriage license. Will Tara’s revenge prove bittersweet?

Tracy thought she found the man of her dreams in Rico… until she discovered he
was living a double life. When Rico is forced to choose between his baby mama
and girlfriend, he discovers that there’s hell to pay. Will he escape alive, or
will his dishonor lay him down?

Charlotte has body for days, and when she effortlessly steals the heart of the
neighborhood kingpin, Man, they’re all set to live happily ever after… until
Man’s on/off again girlfriend, Stacy, is released from jail early after taking
the fall for him. Stacy has her sights set on returning home to Man and the home
they shared before she went away, but when she discovers she’s been replaced in
both the house and Man’s heart, there’s a lot of slow singin’ and flower
bringin’ as someone is sent to the pearly gates.


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