Author Highlight: Author Phillip Berrian


Testimonial Ones

Phillip Berrian was born on February 10, 1976 in Brooklyn, New York. He currently resides in Valdosta, Georgia. One of nine children, where out of the fruit baskets of apples he went and graduated from Kingsborough Community College and earned his Associates degree in Arts and Sciences. He is an author and poet who has written 20 books. The first to be published is entitled “The Testimonial of One’s True Greatness.” It is available in eBook and hardcover and you can find it on Amazon and through his self-publishing company of Infinity Publishing on or wherever online books are sold.

His ambitions and the God given talents that only He Himself could give and bestow, let Phillip clearly say that poetry was a spiritually anointed as well as a God given gift. He’s earned the highest honors and respect, and received two Editor’s Choice Awards from the International Library of Poetry from 2005 and 2007. Other poems were acknowledged and got much buzz from the Famous Poets Society, where he also received award-winning plaques with official gold seals of excellence from the top head Chiefs and Editors. Likewise, Phillip was presented the gold seal certificate of excellence and was listed in the Celebrate-Created Communication POETS SPEAK OUT 2007 with a poem titled “A MAN.”

Phillip received another Editor’s Choice Award, his third one from World Poetry Movement for Outstanding Contributions to Poetry. And in August of 2011, he was featured on two online poetry blog websites, and On top of that achievement, he was also presented with the blue honorary ribbon for featured poem on the sites. A Certificate of Publication with a gold seal of Achievements, from World Poetry Movement, was from the same online contest that had recently presented unto me The Best Poets and Poems of 2012 Award. In April 2012 during The National Poetry Month he was also given, by both the Awards Chairman and the Chief Editor from The National Poetry Month Committee, the Prestige Great Poets Across America Award Certificate with the United States seal logo.

This was an encouraging, uplifting book which the Lord Himself had instructed me to write and massively deliver. It is entitled, “Testimonial of One’s True Greatness,” and it is for problem solvers as well as the anthem and the theme of today’s times wherefore based on what is going in the present stage it is so desperately needed. The book itself is mainly a collaboration of poems and short stories which highly illustrate and signify a thesis which is in affiliation with love, loss, hope, triumph, redemption, restoration and everything else which is associated with life in general, as well as our everyday living.

The question was asked previously: who is my audience, as well as who will benefit from this profound book which will bring refinement to whomever is taking their time reading it to a whole new level? Well, kindly allow me to answer that particular question from the best of my ability if I may do so at this time. Those of whom I am currently targeting are people in general who have experienced a level of adversity and the devastating triumphs that have occurred in their daily lives. From their breaking point of losing all hope and confidence in themselves, being deliberately in despair and constantly being befriended and disappointed to the point of giving up totally on life. They may well be inviting themselves to their very own pity party with them being the host as well as their own guest with nobody in attendance, and sadly throwing in the towel. Within the pages of this book, if applied, they will find answers and the well-needed solution of how to deal directly with what they themselves have gone through as well as endured and being a living testimony to somebody else who could have dealt with many difficult situations that they themselves had to face.

What I am accomplishing as God’s author and uplifting messenger is clearly trying to get the message out to people who are still struggling with their insecurity as well as the many problems which are still hindering them daily, by letting them all know that God is the answer to just about everything in which we all, including myself, cannot quite comprehend. Wherefore and at the same time He Himself can override any situation in which none of us have the authority to handle. And knowing that we are all living in these turbulent times wherefore everybody is looking for some kind of token of hope and endearment, people will be able to identify and relate themselves within the stories that they themselves will totally understand. That is why the Lord spoke so spiritually to my spirit by using me His prodigy servant to deliver a message to the saved an the unsaved in constantly reminding them all that regardless of what they are still confronting that He Himself is still in control whether we want to believe it or not.

This is mainly what He has commended me to do because as was illustrated way back in biblical times in the Old Testament when His servant Moses had went before Him, wherefore He told Moses from the presence of the burning bush wherefore I am paraphrasing that He had seen and heard the affliction of His people and how He had come down to deliver them out of bondage. Now in today’s society every last one of us ought to be set abundantly free whether we all realize it or not from these afflictions that we all sometimes find ourselves stumbling over, encountering the very same God who was there along with Moses to deliver the Children of Israel from bondage. He is the same God who is using me literately wise to deliver words of wisdom and of encouragement to those who are still lost in darkness and of whom this day needs to be delivered into the marvelous light with absolutely no questions asked.

And this was the assignment in which God had instructed me to do, especially in these last and evil days in which we are all living in, wherefore with everything being ordered by Him and only Him, He wouldn’t have it any other way. I will say this, wherefore I want everybody to kindly take heed and understand from this aspect, that what has been written has absolutely nothing more to do with fame nor the popularity of this book, wherefore my whole objective was to set a well-needed course of delivering a message which is very much mandatory and from my point of view, I feel sincerely that those who are still hurting daily honestly need to know only for themselves that God can and God will do exactly what He Himself had said.

Moreover, I will say this: that when something has already been prophetically ordained it has already been approved by God Himself, wherefore if He had to do what He is capable of doing then trust me when I say this, that He Himself wouldn’t at all have changed a thing. Those of you who will be reading what has been bestowed so heavenly upon you, do not look only at stories contained within this book, or only to me personally, even though I myself gave a description within the foreword that was nostalgically pertaining to my testimony of triumphs, but your own testimony as well. Because everybody has a story to share and tell if others are willingly to listen, which is precisely why this book was a life-changing solution replica, designed to help people in general see as well as totally understand only for themselves that God can and God will help them and show them the way. Wherefore I myself cannot stress this enough, which isn’t at all an indictment against anybody because as was recently confirmed and mentioned earlier that society themselves are still even this day looking for game changers within this realm. People want more than just talking about it, which is clearly a token of endearment that everybody including myself needs to establish and be mindful to uphold, because despite what is constantly going on within the presence of our very own sight, when all of the smoke is cleared with temptation, carnage and chaos constantly being on the collision course wherefore we are going to need God no matter what the situations or the circumstances may be and whether or not we want to accept them or not. We need to endlessly trust Him like never before, which is truly indeed a reality when there is absolutely no one else that we can depend on as well as trust.

So that is what my mission of writing this book is all about, and I remember my pastor saying this, which was not only profound but highly realistic: that if one does not make a change, things will pretty much stay the same. And I honestly believe that we are all here for a purpose and for a reason and before we all make that transition from the earthly realm to the afterlife realm of immortality we all must accomplish our earthly mission whatever that might be. Therefore, those who had been asking what is the purpose of what I am accomplishing as well as achieving, I hope that I have now sufficiently and already explained, summarized and answered your question.

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