Author Highlight: Interviewing Michele Kimbrough


Getting to know author Michele Kimbrough. I had the pleasure of being able to ask Ms. Kimbrough some questions which she was gracious enough to take time out of her hectic schedule and answer for me. I appreciate it! And without further ado… Here are some of the things we talked about.

Take me back to when you first wrote Prudence, how did you feel?
I felt saddened because two of my dear friends had passed away suddenly, one right behind the other. I also felt encouraged and excited because I was doing something I’d been wanting to do nearly a lifetime — writing a novel that I intended to publish. And petrified of what people would think of the story and me as an author.

When your sophomore book was released (Wildflower), how did you feel?
I was excited and scared. I took a few risks with Wildflower and I wasn’t sure how it would be received.

Looking back, if you could change either of the books subject or titles, would you? What would they be?
This is a good question. Occasionally I think of ways to better market my books and sometimes that includes changing the titles and taglines. I can never think of anything I like better than the current titles, though.

Dangerously In Love is steamy and I love it… what were your expectations of it?
With Dangerously in Love, I didn’t have a lot of expectations. I took another risk in my writing. This story is quite different in tone, pace and genre, from my prior two novels. It’s a romantic suspense bordering on erotic thriller. I surely had fun writing it, that’s for sure! Actually, of the three, this one was the most fun to write (and hardest).

I heard a lot of “flack” about the lack of a Samantha backstory, do you plan on expounding her? Why or why not?
My first draft had a lot of Samantha in it. Actually, it had a lot of ‘story’ in it. But I wanted to focus on the dynamic between Hill and Caitlin and leave Samantha in the background, even though she was unknowingly driving Hill’s behavior. I like the pace and mood of the story the way it is. So, Samantha won’t get more of a spotlight. I do think that readers get a good picture of who Samantha is, though, and why she’s so important to the plot.

(Jumping back to Wildflower) – I need James and his wife to have a conclusion… any more plans on them?
LOL! No. That entire story line is concluded. Although, there are times when I think about just one more book on them. 🙂

Who was Michele, prior to writing?
It depends, because I wrote my first book at age 9 or 10. But if you mean before I got paid for writing, then I’d say I was (and still continue to be) an entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve owned a few companies, started two nonprofits, and was a nonprofit executive before the recession. I credit the recession for pushing me toward my lifelong love of writing.

How has your life experiences molded your writing style?
I think my writing style is still in the mold. I don’t think it has ‘become’ yet. I’m still finding my voice.


ONE WORD ASSOCIATION – say the first thing that comes to mind:
Mother: Me

Father: Funny

Family: complicated

Reading: fickle

Writing: necessary

Supporters: Spanx

Work: exercise

Love: life

Time: short

Coffee: imperative

Wine: indulgence


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2 thoughts on “Author Highlight: Interviewing Michele Kimbrough

  1. Wow! You really should be a reporter or journalist. You have very thoughtful questions and they always read very well. Good interview. Thank you so much for supporting me!!! Hugs n’ love!

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