Author Highlight: Interviewing Author Amonty

AUthor Amonty has returned to answer a few questions about his creative process. Show him some love!


How did you come up with your alias?
I came up with my alias because I am with a urban fiction company called Royalty Publishing House. To write urban fiction the name Lamont Wheeler wasn’t going to do it. So I changed it to Amonty.

What really was the catalyst behind you starting to write?
First I was an actor. I wanted more creative control so I became a Playwright. Then I wanted to get more creative and take creativity to another level and I began writing short stories in 2014.

What are the future plans on Amonty?
The future plan for me is to go above and beyond the bestsellers list lol. Take my novels to the point where I become a household name.

Where do you come from and where do you see yourself going?
I come from Cleveland, Ohio as a Playwright/Documentary Filmmaker and now I see myself taking creativity to another level of greatness.

What about your genre do you like and/or dislike?
You have to be careful what you put out. There is the language you use writing urban fiction; you have to make sure you stay up on the latest trend. That’s the only way to ensure it will make sense, if not the readers won’t believe you and they will tear you up in the reviews.

Any influences?
Yes. I’ve been a big fan of Stephen King’s for a long time. I like the legacy he’s leaving behind. People will always remember his name.

When you write, where do you write? Any writing assistance like coffee, a drink, etc?
It’s crazy lol. I cannot write in the house, I have to go to the park, the lake or somewhere there is beautiful land and it has to be quiet. I definitely need my coffee. I just got addicted to it.

Name one movie, one song, one TV show and/or one actor that has inspired you.
Most definitely Tupac in the movie Juice lol. Nino Brown in New Jack City.

Tell me something that no one knows about you.
Half of the time when it comes to writing, I sit there and stare at my computer for like 3 or 4 hours trying to figure out what to write. Most of the time I can’t just pop up an idea. I have to feel it, I have to get in my groove. And sometimes I spend the whole day looking at my computer and don’t come up with any ideas. By the way, I don’t know how to multitask lol. I think that every guy.

I’d like to thank Author Amonty for stopping by and giving us a little insight into his creative processes. Check him out!!!

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