Author Highlight: Author Mz. Demeanor

Today’s Author Highlight is Margaret Flack aka Mz. Demeanor. She is one fourth of the group SWP (Sisters With Pen-game.)

My name is Margaret Flack and I am from Louisville, Kentucky. I will be 33 years old in September and I’m married without children except for a very spoiled dog named Gnarls Barkley-Flack. I’m pursuing my Master’s in Criminal Justice right now and will graduate in October of this year. What I can say about me is that I’m very goofy and lively but also very serious when it comes to business. I never meet a stranger and I welcome readers to contact me day or night.

Author Central:



How long have you been writing novels?
I have been writing novels since elementary school. I used to fill up notebooks with full length stories. Also I used to participate in a program called young authors where we submitted short stories. I even won a few prizes.

What’s your favorite thing about writing? 
My favorite thing about writing is having somewhere to put these voices in my head. (I’m not crazy though.)

How do you come up with your characters? 
I don’t come up with characters because they come to me. They don’t care where I am they just pop up in my thoughts. The most common place they pop up is when I’m trying to sleep.

What character would you say is most like you and why?
The character most Luke me so far is Mona-Lisa from “A Hood Love in Atlanta” because she is so scarred from past relationships.

Who are your literary influences? 
My literary influence would be E. Lynn Harris. I loved the way he was able to make a story relatable to the reader.

When you do sit down to write, where do you go, setting wise?
Hmmm when I write I like to go to the library, McDonalds, or my bedroom because those are three places people know not to bother me at.

What future novels can readers look forward to seeing from Mz. Demeanor? 
In the future I would love to get into children’s books as well as some thrillers, maybe even urban horror stories. I’m bizarre so who knows what I might come up with.

Tell the readers something exciting about yourself.
Something exciting about me……..Hmmm I have a lot of other talents besides writing. I sing and write songs, I plan on taking a tour around the country to meet readers, and I’m considering screenplay options.

Thank you for interviewing me. I still get nervous answering questions but hopefully I did a good job and didn’t bore you to death.

I’d like to thank Mz. Demeanor for stopping by and sharing with all of your followers, myself and future readers!!! Please click on the books below to access the authors’ books on Amazon.

****SWP is sisters with pen game. It was a positive group for readers and authors to unite. Sherene Holly Cain, Genesis Woods, Jessica Wren and myself make up this group. Of authors. We wanted our readers to know how important they are as well as getting to know them. I will send the synopsis and headshot when I get home if that’s ok because im out celebrating mothers day.****



Screenshot_2015-05-09-16-51-09_2 Screenshot_2015-05-09-16-50-37_1Screenshot_2015-05-09-16-51-42_1

Bout Last Night
What happens when one night turns into a nightmare? Asia Arrington always gets who she wants even if he belongs to someone else. She ignores every warning sign and jumps in heart first with Bryce Fowler who has not only played her same game but has perfected it. He is a man that can’t love the one he wants and refuses to love the one he’s with. Both are living among snakes and at the end of the day it’s about who survives being bitten and who falls prey to the venom

Bout Last Night 2
Another day another drama as the saga continues. Asia Arrington had no idea what she was getting into when she got with married business owner Bryce Fowler. But, she will soon learn the hard way like most side chicks do. Bryce didn’t exactly get away unscathed and now he’s reaping from the poisonous seeds he has sown.  Shay has been losing so long that she just may win.  Annalise is on her India Arie and ready for love, but can Ashley say the same? Sierra thought she would get her happy ending but will it be with the one she first gave her heart too? Watch the drama unfold when what happened last night turns into what’s happening now.

Bout Last Night 3
Find out what happens in the final act of a drama so deep that even Broadway couldn’t hold it. We all know Asia to be a relentless man-thief but will she be able to change her ways when love calls her name? Shay has not made the best decisions in life or love. Will she be able to give up her past for her future? Annalise was in a catch 22 between two men, the one she married and the one she loved. She will have to decide which door to open before both of them are slammed in her face. Ashley allowed himself to get caught up in a scheme that is still haunting his every step. Will he ever stop paying the price for selling his soul? The drama is turned all the way up as everyone’s lives intertwine to form the perfect storm. The question is can you stand the rain?



A Hood Love in Atlanta 1
Sometimes we have to lose to win again and teenage Mona-Lisa Middleton learns that lesson the hard way as her boyfriend Todd Waters causes her to sacrifice her love for his dreams. Being a young up and coming rapper in the game, Todd chooses his career over his responsibilities based on the advice of his manager Delano Dawson. Delano was abandoned at birth by his mother and never formed an affinity for the fairer sex. Life was always about what made him happy and that was all that mattered until he met Mona-Lisa. Could the bad advice he gave his protégé turn out to be his blessing or will it be another curse on the streets of Atlanta?


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