Author Highlight: Interviewing Author Jessica Wren

Today’s Author Highlight is Jessica Wren. She is another one-fourth of the SWP group.


Hailing from Austin, Texas, Jessica Wren has stepped on the scene with her debut novel “The Worst THOTS Ever.” It is the first book of her series. She author at Write House Publishing and has made an astonishing debut. Please check out the following interview and get to know her a little better.

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Twitter: LottabodyWren
Group: Sisters With Pen Game #swp

The Worst THOTS Ever: what was the inspiration behind the story?
When I was first introduced into the publishing world, I was working on a suspense novel. Because of the depths and intensity of the book, the publisher knew off hand what type of writer I am. He wanted to push me out of my comfort zone to write a book that I normally wouldn’t write. At first it took me a minute to write this book. Mentally I went back and forth because I didn’t want to be labeled or placed in a category. Once I let go, I thought of all the books I’ve read and how I wanted to be different and approach with a different technique. I decided to have fun with this book and it just came naturally. I wanted to bring a book to the table that was funny and dealt with real issues. I didn’t want the typical storyline or to bore the readers with a typical ending or a predictable plot. I wanted a conversation piece and a play on point of views.

What genre do you write in and/or are you looking to write in sometime time in the future?
I love forensics, murder plots, mental illness, self-esteem and topics that are relatable, current and deep. As far as a genre, I can’t necessarily place myself in one. I would just have to say, I’m an all-around author with an imagination that can go from A to Z. In the future, I look forward to writing screenplays, filming and turning each of my books into projects.

Can you relate to any of your characters?
Yes! I can relate to all of my characters whether indirectly or directly. More so with Ceanna directly though. As far as the characters I wanted to bring forth issues that happen in our community. A lot of secrets are held and not addressed. Sometimes if not most it does reflect how we treat others, feel about ourselves and how we view relationships. We all battle internal demons and sometimes we take our issues out on the wrong people. There is a saying that hurt people; hurt people. As you read the book and back stories, you get an insight on why people act the way they do and why they feel their actions are justifiable. You get to see who is strong, who hasn’t let go, who carries pain around and you get to see the survivors. With the characters I wanted to pass a message to others. Your actions do reflect your character and in order to move past anything you have to address it and let go.

What was the most rewarding part of this book?
The most rewarding part about the book was me finally facing fear. I say this because I was so afraid. I knew I had talent but for years I allowed self-doubt and fear to mentally imprison my mind. Through this book it taught me my inner strength. To see so many people support me, leave reviews, purchase the book, inbox, and leave encouraging words; is so touching. I’m so humbled! I’ve met wonderful people. Most of all I feel God’s presence with me. It made me closer to him and I know he is proud of me because my journey has just began and the blessings have poured in nonstop. I’m just so joyful.

What’s next on the author block for you?
I’m currently working on part two. After that I will work on part three and two more series. I plan to do movies, start a makeup line and a plus size bouquet.

Your current rankings: How does it feel?
Humbling is all I can say. Just to see myself in the top 100 averaging from #9 to #25 daily in three categories is amazing. I’m truly happy!

#1,110 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store) (4.7 stars overall)
#13 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks >Literature & Fiction > African American >Women’s Fiction
#14 in Books > Literature & Fiction >African American > Women’s Fiction
#23 in Books > Literature & Fiction >African American > Urban

Tell the viewers something that we don’t know about you.
What you see is what you get. I am super cool and down to earth. I just love life. I love to sip and trip. Give me a dance floor, my drink and I’m good to go. I love people! I don’t care what sexual orientation you are, religion, race etc. None of that matters to me. I go by how a person treats me. Very positive and if I don’t have a solution I won’t speak on it. My life is free! I watch the decisions I make and I’m very careful of the different energies people carry. I don’t believe in conforming people into my reality. I love real, raw and uncut people. It doesn’t matter the upbringing, where you come from or where you been; as long as you true to yourself and treat me good, then it’s all love from me. I love to paint, travel, meet new people, and learn new things.

Make sure to check out The Worst THOTS Ever: Jaceyon, Ceanna and Mia are going to take you for a whirlwind. Click on the book to access the Amazon page.

Book Series One: The Worst Thots Ever

Mirror, Mirror on the wall who’s the worst thot of them all…

Mia Symone classifies herself as being the baddest chick around Austin, Texas. Her swag, dangerous curves, and boss chick attitude has men scheming, pillow talking and treating her as if she is wifey. She wants who she wants, when she wants them and Jaceyon Tomas is no different. There is just one problem she can’t shake; her BBW cousin, Ceanna. Not one for competition especially with a big chick, she finds herself losing control. How far is she willing to go to become Jaceyon’s leading lady?

Jaceyon loves Ceanna but is turned off by her weight. Surrounded by Texas stallions, thick thighs, big booty Judys and beautiful women, he can’t fully commit to one woman. He enjoys the feel of new womanhood, but finds himself hooked like bait on Mia Symone. When late night pillow talking, shopping sprees and tricking gives Mia Symone ideas that he will leave Ceanna, he realizes the mistake he has made by opening Pandora’s box. Is it too late? Will Mia Symone play her position as his sideline? Or will her fantasies ruin everything that he has built with Ceanna?

Ceanna notices the shade her cousin Mia Symone is throwing, but doesn’t address it. She has her own issues going on. The more she gives in her relationship with Jaceyon the more he takes her for granted. She begins to question her place in his heart and realizes maybe he isn’t the one. Slowly she finds herself falling for an unexpected love. Will she act on her lustful desires or choose to be loyal to Jaceyon?

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