Freestyle Poem: Untitled

This poem comes from my second book Ebony Articles: Volume 2. It isn’t out yet, but you will see this poem in it. I’m not much for spoken word, but this one may be postable. Enjoy.

I entered into my favorite coffee shop and sat in my regular spot
Watching all the patrons talk or browser the internet
When this magnificent mahogany colored cutie walked in the store
Cautiously approaching the cashier, while gazing up at the order boards
I admired her shapely frame, short, thick with her hair in a French bun
Succulent lips and I made eye contact with those almond shaped eyes
She smiled at me, with a slight invitation was in her gaze
That’s when I made my approach.
I wouldn’t spit game at her, no she needed something smoother.
Introducing myself would be easy, but getting to know her is what I wanted
I told her I was Justin and that I wrote poetry
She said she heard those words before but entertain her anyway

So I began
All I want to do is write poems all over your body with my lips
Tangle your legs in word play, as your body dances from the rhythm
Watch as you respond to the highs and the lows
When the words flow slowly and suddenly pick up
Let me slowly kissed your mind and make your thoughts squirt everywhere
Then let me know, if you’ve heard it all before.

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